What is a computing license?

Megaminer offers licenses for an established volume of computations:

1 license costs $ 1000;

1 license gives the right to perform 10 Petahashes of Ethash algorithm;

In addition to a fixed amount of computing, license holders have the right to use any Megaminer infrastructure that increases the financial results from license ownership (mining pools, cloud computing on the Megamind network, and other services).



Mining license


License prices

  • computations
    10 Petahashes

  • license duration
    3 years
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Best of mining and cloud computing

Megaminer's hardware can be used for different purposes: it is a perfect hedge against the market meltdown and a possibility to choose the most profitable tasks.

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Volume of computations

Volume of computations per one license is calculated as approx. 5 years of Nvidia RTX 3070 non-stop work.

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Our advantages


Industrial mining experience

Megaminer has built farms and managed their resources since 2018. We are ready for any event


Reliable hardware

Our hardware is installed in a data center created specifically for mining: workers are operational 24/7/365


Secure storage of funds

Megaminer uses its own mining pools not to depend on third parties. All nodes are controlled by Megaminer


Switching between currencies

hardware controlled by Megaminer automatically switches to mining the most profitable currency at the moment



Megaminer is a Swiss company, and the hardware is installed in Canada. These countries allow industrial mining


Systematic rewards

Payments once a day: no need to wait for license expiration to receive rewards



The Megaminer farm is located in Canada. A temperate climate and an abundance of cheap electricity from hydroelectric power plants, coupled with well-developed legislation create excellent conditions for industrial mining.

The hardware is constantly monitored by technical specialists. The data center has a strict access control.



I want to invest in mining. Isn't it easier for me to just buy a rig and put it in my balcony or garage?

Mining in 2021 is a capital intensive activity. The time of quick payback, super profits and armies of small “home” miners passed in 2017-2018. Effective mining activities today require organization of industrial mining farms. This is the only way to make substantial money on mining today.

Mining is a high-risk investment; what will the project do if the cryptocurrency market declines again?

We only invest in GPU power (video cards), because their computing power can be used to solve real-world problems, and not just mining. In the event of a sharp decrease in mining revenue, our project will continue to earn thanks to the development of Megamind, a division that develops software for cloud computing.

In other words, the Megaminer farm will start operating in supercomputer mode and will donate power for 3d modeling, artificial intelligence training, and other applied problems.

I am buying a Megaminer computing power license. Does this mean that I own some particular hardware, and I have to manage it myself?

You buy a certain number of computational operations. Megaminer uses existing hardware to ensure you have a proper supply of computing resources.

What does this mean in practice? You do not own any aprticular equipment, but there is a condition for the supply of some particular amount of computations. As in the case of paying for electricity: you do not buy a power plant, but you pay for the kilowatts of energy used.

Megaminer provides technical support of mining equipment: monitoring, software troubleshooting; automatically switches miners between the most profitable currencies at a particular moment.

Thanks to the MindOS feature, in the future instead of cryptocurrency mining “reality mining” will be performed (ie, more profitable computations for the real world).

Could additional licenses be issued?

As it stands, the offer of licenses is limited. Their number depends on the amount of hardware: additional emissions are possible only if Megaminer buys new hardware and puts it into operation.

To put it simply: for the release of each subsequent digital license, Megaminer must purchase one additional video card.

Will licenses be traded on any exchange?

Technically, there is such a possibility. Nevertheless, Megaminer has plans to acquire additional capacity and commission the second phase of the project.

The second stage of the project will entail the second wave of emission (based on 1 video card = 1 license) with the development of the second version of the digital license smart contract. Old licenses will be automatically exchanged for new ones at a 1-to-1 rate; they are planned to be listed on exchanges.